Logo debossing option

Logo debossing option

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► The Order Upgrade process:

✓ Get in touch with our team to inquire about any discounts or special offers that may be applicable to your specific purchase!

✓ Contact us before placing an order to ensure that your logo or design is suitable for debossing, as intricate details or small text may not transfer well to the surface

✓ The preferred file format is a vector file, such as an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or EPS (.eps) file. You may also provide a high-resolution raster image, such as a JPEG or PNG file and we will try to convert it to a vector format without losing quality.

✓ Determine the placement and the appropriate SIZE OF THE DEBOSSING UP TO 7,5х7,5 cm / 3x3 inch
(larger size is discussed separately)

✓ Send us your logo or design file

✓ APROVE a provided SKETCH or request changes: review the sketch carefully and make sure you are happy with it 

✓ Add this listing to cart to upgrade your order with logo debossing!

✓ Please note that adding logo debossing to your order can add extra time to the production process. However, the end result is a unique and personalized product that reinforce a restaurant's brand identity!

   Adding logo debossing to your order can add a personalized and professional touch to menu cover, making it stand out and significantly impact the customer's first impression of the restaurant. Debossing is commonly used in the branding and personalization of leather menu covers, check presenters, coasters and other products.
   Logo debossing is a process of creating a depressed or indented image of a logo or design onto a surface of leather. This is achieved by using a specialized tool called a debossing die, which is usually made of metal and engraved/chemically etched with the logo or design.
   During the debossing process, the die is heated and pressed onto the surface, leaving behind an indented impression of the design. This creates a subtle, elegant look that is often preferred over the more prominent raised effect of embossing.