Leather Menu Covers

65 products

65 products

Leather menu covers are a wonderful way to help make the design of your café, bar, pub, or restaurant more appealing and memorable.  

Carefully crafted and thoroughly through, vintage-looking custom leather menu covers made of crazy horse leather will go through a long time of wear and tear and will only get better, each one gaining a unique pattern that’s impossible to reproduce.    

Leather bound menu covers are built to last, and are highly durable for repeated use 

If you are looking for more exquisite and elegant leather bound menu covers to showcase the significance of your clients fine taste and high status, or to aesthetically wrap the list of the chef d'oeuvres of your cuisine in a material that will feel authentic, all it takes is to contact us. Premium Italian thick leather that comes in the most luxurious colors holds shape well and is extremely durable. 

If your leather menus need to hold shape exceptionally well, consider ordering leather menu covers with cork. Authentic leather on the outside and cork lining on the inside are true partners supporting each other in synergy and style.  

Would you rather go for an ornate design? Pattern leather menu covers  will be an amazing choice that will have a pleasant-to-touch pattern texture and be that necessary long-searched-for detail of the interior of your establishment. 

Personalized leather menu covers with logo

No matter what kind of style and leather you choose, your logo can be placed precisely on it by laser engraving or debossing. Adding your logo gives your customers a chance for tactile and visual interaction with your brand. 

Laser engraving is free for our customers and we can implement any of your ideas or our experienced designers can help you understand what exactly you would like to have engraved.

Debossing is a paid option and can be ‘blind’, i.e. without using any paint, or with a gloss or matte foil in gold, silver, copper, rose gold, or any other color of your choice. We use custom magnesium dies for this method, which are bought for each project according to your needs, and, luckily, the additional payment for the debossing personalization is only once, as it can be used for all your ordered items. 

Ways of attaching the menu pages:

  • with leather lace
  • with elastic band
  • with steel rings
  • with ring mechanism

Leather lace looks effortlessly chic, an elastic band has a modern vibe, a double O-ring binder clip enables quick changes to your daily menu, and a leather belt or a brass plank are cute and functional details that you can add upon request.   

Custom leather menu covers

As for the size and shape of leather restaurant menu covers, they are also customizable, and we are happy to cooperate with you to fulfill your requirements for a standard or non-standard design.

We are competent in making design visualizations and sketches, so describe to us your preferences and/or provide some references to get exactly what you want.

Contact us to discuss the wholesale discount price which depends on each individual order and any other details, such as size, shape, color, texture, material, pattern, or any other questions regarding the product. You should also send us your logo, we are looking forward to starting to create your sketch!