Leather Coasters

8 products

8 products

Give a little cool update to your table decor taking care of its surface by protecting it from scratches, condensation and stains. It’s no secret that the best choice of the material for coasters is high quality thick Italian leather. Not only is it durable, but it is also looking prestigious and classy if the leather coasters are crafted to perfection. Our custom drink coasters are a vivid example of careful craftsmanship and they guarantee that you will enjoy using them for a long time while they will keep up their visual appeal.

Our custom coasters come in various luxurious colors and different sizes and therefore they may be suitable for various kinds of cups, mugs and glasses. If you are looking for personalized leather coasters, they can have an engraving or debossing of you logo or any text.

Who are customisable coasters suitable for?

Our custom drink coasters will perfectly accompany any type of event from informal group soirees to more solemn events like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. They will be an impeccable gift for a host or hostess. A great idea will be to present them at a housewarming party as they will help to keep the new furniture scratch and scruff free. As a wonderful present they can be engraved or debossed with the initials of their owner. You can even give them to yourself to enjoy drinking cocktails solo or in a company and elevate the aesthetics of your evenings.

Our customisable coasters can make company for your tea and coffee cups and mugs during the day making every day more stylish.

If you are looking for a company gift for your employees, look no more, imagine how gorgeous your company logo would look on the coasters used at the office.

They can even be a thoughtful gift for your teacher or a unique gift for your boss.

Bars, restaurants, hotels, cafés and other businesses will benefit from using custom drink coasters as they are timeless and functional accessories, adding more style and helping to keep drinks in place. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your brand name as they can come engraved or debossed with any kind of information you choose.

Varieties of custom coasters we offer

Leather coasters with cork

A perfect combination of wonderful natural materials, leather on the top, cork on the bottom. Cork provides an extra layer of protection to your surfaces. Crazy horse leather in various amazing colors can also be engraved or debossed to make them look special. These custom coasters also come in a set of 5.

Wooden coasters

These custom drink coasters are looking minimalistic. They come in any geometric shape and have beautiful ashwood texture. In addition to that, your wooden coasters can have an engraving of your logo on them. You can also order them in a set of 5.

Wooden tray with leather coaster

And interesting take on a traditional coaster. This oval serving tray made of ashwood and coming in different coatings is perfect for holding both a drink and a snack. Both the tray or the coaster can be personalised and sized to your requirements.

How to take care of custom costers?

Wipe the items with a damp cloth and a watered down mild liquid dish soap, then follow with a dry cloth and remove any moisture. Consider using a leather conditioner 2-4 times a year, but be sure to remove the excess of a product with a dry cloth. Dry and store them away from the source of heat and sunlight.

We are happy to produce custom costers with utmost care to meet all your needs and requirements. For this, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss every detail of your order, be it size, color, type or the design and placement of the engraving or debossing. Our customers service will promptly assist you and we will make sure you will be happy to receive the fabulous high-end product.