Menu Letter Boards

7 products

7 products

Menu Letter Boards

Your menu can be a focal point of your interior design. How to achieve that? Add rhythm and texture to your walls by installing horizontal rails that can be used to display any wording you want. Play with contrast. Enjoy the aesthetics.  

Menu letter boards can be highly versatile since they are used not only in coffee shops and bars, but also your can see them in a hair salon, a beauty studio or a barber shop, or in any small business that calls for this modern, smart, and stylish solution.

Which wall to choose?

Any, literally, you can even mount the rails along a horizontal line that can go all around the room. But first, most importantly, consider placing  menu boards with letters on the wall behind the counter, so that the clients will be able to see the items when they make their order. 

You can mount additional rails and use them as a cute display for a piece of wisdom, a quote, a joke, or a word of the day. Making your clients smile and feel good emotions is crucial for establishing a cordial connection to your brand.  

All the rails come with hidden fixings.  

How to keep it organized?

We equip our menu letters board with spacers, which help to install the rails evenly, all you need is a level to define a horizontal line. Once installed, they are really simple to use, and they look organized by default, because all the letters for menu letters board are placed on the rails and stacked together to form words having even and beautiful spacings between the letters. The even spacing between the words can be achieved by using one of the extra letters that you will then take off the rail. Numbers are also included in the kit and you can contact us to ask for any additional symbols, for example, currency symbols. 

What material and color to choose?

It’s simple. For a better perception of a text, it needs to contrast well with the background; therefore, we provide plywood letters in matt lacquer or black finishes. PVC plates have white letters on a black background or black letters on a white one. The rails can have a black or matt lacquer finish and they go well with any wall color.

Another great option would be to use metal rails with magnetic letters, which will ensure a more secure construction without making it less customizable.  

We work with only high quality materials and all our products are carefully handcrafted to meet individual needs of every our client. 

Contact us of you have any questions about menu letter boards, to discuss the details of your order, and to get a wholesale discount.