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46 products

Table tents 

What is a table tent for? 

In order to present your daily specials, breakfast menu, desserts, drinks, wine pairing recommendations, special offers, and other short lists of menu items that may change often, you need to think of the ways how to do it in the most efficient and attractive way. For example, you could print them on paper and then attach it to a table tent holder, or write them directly with a marker on plastic table tents or a chalk table stand, wipe them off and write the new ones when it is necessary. You can even place a QR code menu on them and your customers will be able to access it on their mobile devices. 

It is essential that table tents for restaurants should be equipped with a stand to position them vertically on a surface of a table. This allows easier access to the menu items as they are visible for every person in a range of 2-3 meters or more, depending on the font size. Your visitors don’t have to get a hold of the menu to make their order and having the menu items constantly in sight may actually increase the sales, as people will be more inclined to order something that keeps catching their eye. Therefore, table tent signs must look visually appealing, at the same time staying in sync with the overall interior of your establishment. 

As a design-oriented company we produce accessories that elevate the look of of cefés, restaurants, hotels and other businesses and we are passionate to make quality items that look amazing and suit all kinds of decór. We are can also help you with designing and printing paper menus, so if you need help with that, feel free to contact us.    

What are the best materials for a table tent?

Choosing the right materials for a table tent is a key to make them durable and long-lasting. 

Wood is incredibly versatile, because it can come in various staints and with different veneers, which can guarantee that you will find the right color and texture. Not only it has a warm natural feel to it, but it is also sturdy and provides that necessary support for the menu pages. An elegant metal or golden binder or a clip will help to attach them to the wooden base. To enhance your brand presence, you can ask us to make an egraving of your logo or any other information on the surface of wood. 

Wood can be used solo or in a tandem with transparent acryl. The juxtaposition of these two materials is just as strikingly beautiful as it is functional. Wood is more suitable for a stand that can be in different shapes, and two sheets of acryl make a great sleeve to hold a paper menu sheet inside and protect it. 

It is possible to make fully acrylic table tents which consist of an acrylic stand and an acrylic sleeve if the design of your interior calls for airy floating crystal clear aesthetics. They are a great solution if you need to show two pages of your menu at the same time. Although that is also possible with wooden table tents, but the pages have to be attached on both sides of the tent.

We use only high quality materials and all our products are made-to-order. That means less waste and cleaner environment and at the same time long life of the accessories that we produce.  

Table tent numbers

Smaller table tents are a great way to accommodate any kind of short text and can be used as table numbers. 

Table tent sizes

We offer a wide variety of standard tent sizes as well as any custom-made sizes that are sure to meet your requirements. Table tents for restaurants should be slightly wider and longer than the paper menus and the menus themselves should have some margins on all sides in order for everything to look beautiful. Margins should be wide enough to allow easier text comprehension and to balance the overall composition, each should be up to half of the width of the text measuring from the table tent border. So, first think about the amount of text that the menu should accommodate, how much space it should take, and then add the same amount of space to get the proper size of these functional and stylish accessories. 

If you have any questions about a size, menu design, color or shape, contact us and we will be glad to discuss the details of your order and your wholesale discount.