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9 products

Reserved signs

What is the best way to tell your guests or customers that the table is reserved or to show its name or number? Engagement parties, weddings, bridal showers or various indoor or outdoor events that are going to have banquets or buffets will have plenty of tables that have to be named or numbered in order to avoid chaos. Cafés, restaurants, bars, need to use reserved signs on a daily basis. Retail shops may need to place a little sign on a counter to communicate something to the customers, so if you are a retail shop owner, tabletop reserved signs are the product you are looking for. In any case if you are going to place a number or a short wording on a table or another horizontal surface you might as well do it in style.
A long-term and classy solution for this problem would be a reserved sign for table made of wood. It can come in a shape of a bar, have a short wording e.g. “reserved” engraved on it and be of a contrasting color to the surface of the table to that extent that it will be noticed easily, but won’t be hard on the eye not to ruin the color harmony of the interior. It can come in a matt lacquer and be of a natural light and warm beige color, or you can choose among mahogany, walnut or black stain.
Another great option for reserved signs for table is an ashwood stand with a UV printed clear acrylic plate on it. These tabletop reserved signs consist of two elements opposite in nature. And opposites attract. Textured hard wood that holds and supports a transparent crystal clear plate with any information you choose. You can even order these reserved signs without any engraving and write on them anything you wish like on a whiteboard with a dry-erase marker. This later can be easily erased and this process can be repeated over and over.
Table reserved signs can be in various shapes and forms, but what if they could be represented by a clock? An ahwood clock that can show the time when the table is reserved because it’s equipped with hands made of brass that can be manually set at a time of the reservation. This clock can come in different stains and you can choose one that will look great with your decór, rest assured that it will not go unnoticed and that your customers or guests will appreciate your attention to detail.
If you are looking for reserved seats signs, table reserved signs will work for you. We can engrave any kind of information on them, including a seat number.

Like the rest of the accessories that we produce, reserved signs are made customly and every order is unique, because every our client is unique and has their own requirements that we are glad to meet. By producing high quality stylish products that will serve long time we take care of our clients and of the environment by avoiding overproduction and limiting waste.

Both wood and acrylic plates can be personalized with an engraving of your logo to promote your brand awareness across your establishment.

Contact us to get more information about a size, color, engraving of your custom reserved signs or ask any questions to our customer service or designers. We will be happy to answer them promptly and provide our professional assistance. We also offer free shipping and wholesale discounts depending on the size of your order.