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39 products

The final touch in the service design of your café, restaurant, bar, or hotel is the process of payment for the meal and beverages. One of the proven ways to make an impression on your customers is to present their check in a way that will favorably distinguish you from your competitors, add prestige to your business and make your guests want to come back. 

Check presenters for restaurants must look cohesive with other restaurant accessories and highlight the unique style of your establishment. They must be durable and withstand many cycles of opening and closing and be a perfect combo of functionality and beauty. It’s a good idea to make them hold well not only cash and coins, but also possibly a credit card and a pen to sign the checks. 

Types of check presenters we offer

You can choose from a variety of restaurant check presenters to complement a wide range of interiors. They can come in a form of a book with a pocket for cash, credit cards, and checks and a pen loop to hold a pen in. Additionally, they can have a plywood frame inside the ‘book’ with magnets to safely keep it closed.  Another type of guest check presenters can resemble a wallet, having a button stud to keep it closed, a pen loop, and a plywood board inside with a leather ribbon to perfectly hold anything you would like to put in. Optionally, the wallet can have a pocket inside as a way to guard the contents. Check presenters for restaurants can represent a box with metal vintage accessories. 

Materials we use for check presenters

Our approach to choosing materials is based on the principle of quality and durability. Top-shelf Italian leather in rich and tasteful colors lasts many cycles of usage and looks chic and elegant. Another great kind of leather you can opt for is called ‘crazy horse’ for its personality, every single item made of it looks unique and the more it’s used, the cooler it gets. We also adore using wood for its warm charm and long life. All items we create are made to order, so we avoid overproduction and care about the environment. The fact that our products will serve you for a very long time is our main motivation. 

Custom check presenters

Depending on the needs of our clients we create individual designs considering the form factor, size, color, material, and other details of your order. Your logo can be debossed or engraved on the leather which can even have an embossed pattern. Contact us to discuss your unique check presenters to get them with a personal flare and exactly to your requirements. We would like to help your business thrive.