Cutlery Holders

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4 products

Cutlery holders

An outstanding quality dining accessory is that small detail that will make a big difference in your table setting. Solve the problem of serving utensils efficiently and keeping them organised and sanitary. Our table cutlery holders are custom made of thick Italian leather and they are made to last. Placed in the pouch, each knife, fork and spoon will know its place and appreciate the protection you carefully provided. They won’t be touching each other and won’t get scratched, as well as their shiny clean surface will stay impeccable without any fingerprints.

If you are looking for cutlery holders for table at your restaurant or a café, these will be a perfect choice, because not only do they look stylish and presentable, but also they are extremely functional and their minimalistic design will suit the majority of interior decórs, just look at the delectable color palette we offer. Our cutlery holders will make sure that setting tables is an easy task, they will save time and speed up work resulting in happier clients.

Looking for a party cutlery holder? As a common courtesy, silverware served in a holder will please your guests with its aesthetics and ensure the proper “mise en place” without the stress of measuring the distance between the plate and the utensils and aligning each piece individually. Let the holder do its job and you have fun with your guests or finish the preparations to meet them.

Our cutlery holder for party is also a great idea for a family table setting, making a set of them a wonderful housewarming or anniversary present. It’s amazing to set a tradition of keeping silverware beautiful, organized and visually appealing whenever you want, make any day special.

You can choose between a leather cutlery holder or a leather cutlery pouch.

Leather cutlery holder

Your guests will love these cutlery holders made of thick Italian leather that can have an engraving or debossing of your logo or initials for a personalised touch. Elegant and minimalistic, they are an amazing choice for your table settings.

Leather cutlery pouch

Another great kind of cutlery holders made of thick Italian leather with separate pouches for each of cutlery items with a possibility of having a debossing or engraving of your logo or any text.

Whatever kind you choose, we guarantee that each item will be crafted with utmost care and serve a long time. All our production is made-to-order, which decreases the amount of waste and takes care of the environment.

Contact us to discuss the size, design and color of your accessories, our amazing customer service and experienced designers will be happy to help you make an impression.

Contact us to get more information, ask any questions about your order and find out about wholesale discounts we provide. Our delightful, caring  and efficient customer service will be happy to communicate with you promptly.