Leather Placemats

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6 products

Leather placemats 

If you are looking for ways to dress up your coffee table, dining table or garden table to impress your guests, adding leather placemats as a luxurious backdrop for your delicious dishes and delightful drinks will be an amazing idea. Our genuine leather placemats bring to the table a wonderful combination of style and functionality, looking exquisite, they enhance the ambiance and provide necessary protection of the surfaces.

How to choose leather placemats

First and foremost we recommend thinking about the material. What finish should they have? For example, black leather placemats will look different depending on the material and brown leather placemats aren’t an exception either.

Thick Italian leather is smooth to the touch and resistant to wear marks. It comes in a variation of rich sophisticated colors, so accessories made of it look smart, sleek and upscale. It’s a great choice for luxury leather placemats that are sure to elevate the look of the table.

Crazy horse leather has a less polished but more charming feel to it with more character. It looks cool and the choice of colors is wider. All the accessories made of it look unique with time. To add even more style, crazy horse leather placemats have a fine stitching around the perimeter.

It’s a good idea to get placemats of a color different from the color of the table to make them more contrasting and the overall look more interesting.
Not sure which color to choose? Don’t worry, our designers can help you with it.

Then, it’s time to think about the size and shape. Placemats have to be long and wide enough to accommodate all the tableware you need, so make sure that you choose an appropriate size for your table setting.

If your table is square or rectangular, it’s advisable to purchase rectangular or oval leather placemats. Leather round placemats look great too and they suit round tables better than other shapes.

We will be happy to make custom placemats specially for you, whether you are choosing them for yourself, as a gift or for your business.

You can personalise them with a debossing or engraving of a logo, initials or any kind of information you would like to show to your guests. Our team of experienced designers will help with the sketch of the final product, so you will be sure that you will receive leather placemats that you want.

All our accessories are made to order and are made to last that guarantees less waste and more protection of the environment.

Taking care of leather accessories

Leather as a wonderful natural material requires proper maintenance. Wipe it regularly with a soft cloth dampened in water or a weak solution of mild soap in water and avoid using harsh chemicals. Try not to soak leather completely. Consider using a leather conditioning cleaner 2-4 times a year. Always try all cleaners and conditioners on an inconspicuous place of the product first. After every cleaning buff it gently with a soft dry cloth and let it dry spreading it horizontally away from direct sun and sources of heat.

A table for a romantic evening or a dinner party at home, at a café or a restaurant will look absolutely gorgeous with our beautiful placemats. Just contact us to discuss the details of your order. Depending on the size of your order we provide wholesale discounts.

Contact us to get more information, ask any questions about your order and find out about wholesale discounts we provide. Our delightful, caring  and efficient customer service will be happy to communicate with you promptly.