Leather Placemats

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8 products


Elevate your coffee table, dining table, or garden table with luxurious leather placemats, creating a sumptuous backdrop for your delectable dishes and enticing drinks. Our genuine leather placemats blend style with functionality, enhancing the ambiance while protecting surfaces with their exquisite presence.


When selecting leather placemats, consider the material's finish. Whether you're drawn to sleek black leather placemats or the warmth of brown placemats, each choice brings a distinct look. Opt for thick Italian leather for a smooth, durable finish in rich, sophisticated hues, perfect for creating a sleek, upscale table setting. Alternatively, crazy horse leather offers a rustic charm with a wide color palette, aging beautifully over time, and is distinguished by fine stitching around its edges.

For an intriguing table setting, select placemats in a contrasting color to your table. Unsure about the color? Our design team is here to assist.

Size and shape are crucial; placemats should accommodate all tableware comfortably. Choose rectangular or oval placemats for square or rectangular tables, while round tables pair well with round or oval placemats.

Customization is available, allowing you to personalize placemats with debossing or engraving, perfect for personal use, gifts, or business needs. Our experienced designers will ensure your vision comes to life, crafting durable, made-to-order accessories that promote sustainability.


Maintain your leather placemats by regularly wiping them with a soft cloth and mild soap solution, avoiding harsh chemicals and excessive moisture. Conditioning them 2-4 times a year helps maintain their beauty. Always test cleaners in a discreet area first.


Our placemats are not just for daily dining but also elevate table settings for weddings, romantic evenings, or dinner parties, whether at home, a café, or a restaurant. Contact us for personalized service and learn about wholesale discounts for larger orders.