Wood Check Presenters

10 products

10 products

Running a restaurant, café, hotel or a bar you want to make sure your clients get a memorable experience. Your closing matters as much as other steps of the service. Boost brand consistency by showing appreciation to your guests and encourage your customers to return again bringing their check in a perfect bespoke check presenter.

Wooden check presenters have a natural charm that compliments various kinds of interiors, and enhance the ambiance with their true and authentic vibes. We are convinced that “less is more”, what really matters is the quality, functionality and the beauty of natural textures. Wood check presenters are meant to be held in hands and feel wonderful, open and close easily and store the contents well inside.

We cater to the needs of our clients producing high-quality custom-made restaurant accessories and by this avoid overproduction and limit waste taking care of the environment.

Kinds of wood check presenters we offer

Check presenter with magnets

This type of wooden bill holders features a combo of a leather exterior and a wooden frame with magnets on the interior allowing for an easy access to the contents that can be stored securely inside.

Check presenter with pocket on screws

This wood bill holder opening like a book is also a stylish combination of sturdy wood and flexible leather. Two wood planks are bound together with leather ribbons and a pocket inside of it is made of leather and attached with tiny screws.

Wooden check presenter box

This wood guest check presenter is made of plywood and equipped with metal accessories. Looking both minimalistic and vintage and coming in different stain colors it’s a perfect solution for a small cafe or restaurant.

Wood surface can be engraved and leather can be either engraved or debossed with your logo and any other information you like. Contact us to discuss the details of your order, colors and sises and ask any other questions. We provide wholesale discounts depending on the order size.