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Hello, and thanks for visiting us!

Shopdaddy-Studio is a Ukraine-based brand focusing on the design and production of accessories for restaurants, cafés, hotels, and other businesses.
Started as a small leather workshop, thanks to our customer's trust in Etsy and Amazon, we have grown and evolved. We also sure, being passionate about the design of accessories and the restaurant industry allowed us to get where we are now.

Shopdaddy-Studio manufactures café accessories in a minimalist style. We offer a wide range of products, including but not limited to menu covers, check presenters, table and wall signs. We believe that these "contact points" are especially important when it comes to connecting with your customers. Our accessories will help your guests to, literally, touch and connect with the essence of your business.

While we are expanding our professional technical equipment range and are continually improving the skills required to deal with various materials, our approach to design and production remains personalized. Apart from the possibility to customize our ready-made designs, we are always excited about implementing any of your design projects, whether it is a menu or any other type of restaurant supplies.

We love collaborations. It is a huge part of our business. We are proud of all the work and partnerships with multiple designers and creative owners of restaurant chains, hotels, bars, and other companies worldwide.

Emphases on natural materials and general appreciation of permanency we strive to reduce our impact on the planet. Since all of our products are manufactured on order, we avoid overproduction and keep each item unique. This approach allows us to offer lower prices without compromising the quality of our products.


We are looking forward to our future cooperation!

Feel free to contact us directly to the chat (right bottom corner), by email: your@shopdaddy-studio.com or WhatsApp: +38 050 050 08 38