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60 products

60 products

That necessary detail to add more charm and warmth to the ambiance of your restaurant, café or event venue can be found in our collection of menu boards for restaurants.

Why would you choose wood menu boards? 

For centuries people have been using wood in their surroundings as a superb, versatile, strong, and durable material which complements virtually any other material well. Even modern and contemporary spaces can’t go without it. Being low maintenance and having wonderful tactile qualities, wooden objects are soothing to the eye, because they bring associations with nature.

We have been working in the field of restaurant menu boards design for a long time, and we have come up with various ways to use such amazing material as wood.

Types of wooden menu boards

Wood provides a great base for restaurants menu boards allowing them to hold shape well, but it can also be used as a cover and engraved with any kind of image, your logo, or any other information you’d like. As an option, a cover can be made of thick Italian leather for a more elegant look, or crazy horse leather for a more relaxed and casual chic look. Leather covers can have custom engravings as well, and we can even make them embossed if you choose to.

Coverless restaurants menu boards are also a possible solution. Menus are held on them with a cute leather loop or a handy elastic band, a minimalistic plank made of brass or steel, wood or leather with brass or steel bolts, or a vintage golden clip or a golden binder for a glamorous touch. All binding mechanisms allow an effortless replacement of menu pages, which saves time.

With a cover or without, restaurants menu boards are perfect for being presented both horizontally and vertically, leaning against the wall, or even hung on it, if equipped with a handle or a metal ring.

Your guests can hold them in their hands and feel the beauty of the materials for an unforgettable tactile experience or look at them without having to touch them if it’s necessary, but still be pleased to behold the impeccably crafted menus and read the information in them.

Working with natural materials is our passion and our philosophy is to make unique custom long-lasting products of highest quality designed specifically for each of our clients. By doing this we don't overproduce and decrease the environmental impact.

Contact us to ask any questions about your order, and depending on the size of the order, we'll be happy to provide you a wholesale discount.