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Wardrobe tags

A good design can be traced in every detail. Everything should look harmonious together to create the visual appeal you are striving for. Take, for example, a tiny functional object like a wardrobe tag. Finding the right color, shape and typeface of a number on it is a really difficult thing if you are purchasing a mass-produced product, so it’s a good idea to order these accessories custom-made. Well-designed and meticulously crafted wardrobe tags tailored specifically for your business will ensure the cohesive design across your establishment, feel unique and special.

Introduce prime wardrobe tags made of thick Italian leather and personalised with your logo with a fine debossing of numbers made with care to elevate the look of your café, bar or restaurant. 

If you would like them to be made of other materials, we also produce wooden or acrylic wardrobe tags with personalised engravings of any information you would like to include.

The colors of the materials can be different, from transparent acryl to warm wood in various finishes and rich luxurious colors of leather.  

All our accessories are made-to-order, which guarantees less waste and better protection of the environment by avoiding overproduction. 

The numeration of closet organiser tags starts from 1 and finishes at the number that coincides with the number of the items you purchase, so if you need any change to the numeration, don’t forget to mention it to the customer service. Our designers can help you make a visualisation of the final product so you will be sure that you will get the product that you need. 

The sizes and shapes of the wardrobe tags can be custom, just contact us to discuss all the questions about your order including the wholesale discount we offer to our clients for bulk orders and free shipping.    

Contact us to get more information, ask any questions about your order and find out about wholesale discounts we provide. Our delightful, caring  and efficient customer service will be happy to communicate with you promptly.