Table Top Display Stands

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57 products

Table Top Display Stands for restaurants

One of the ways to enhance your guests’ dining experience and to add necessary details to your tablescape is to employ various table tent signs that can have multiple functions. 

How to get high-end, high-quality table top display stands? Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with assistance. But here is some information on our vision and approach to their creation and design, as well as some tips to make your choice easier.

Contactless menu stands 

First of all, tent signs for tables can be represented by contactless menu stands, which have gained especial importance recently at the time of the pandemic. Your menu will be printed on paper, replaced with no fuss whenever needed, and it will be displayed on a table tent holder of your choice for the guests to make their order without having to touch the menu. 

Wooden table stands

No matter which one you opt for, angled or straight, made of ash wood, in a timeless matt lacquer, walnut, mahogany or black stain, veneer in boho white, or of plywood board with matt lacquer, walnut veneer or walnut stain, wooden things have the air of welcoming honest warmth and are beautifully suited for bars and restaurants, coffee shops and hotels. They can be accesorised with a single or double clip, a black or a golden binder and you can ask us to engrave them with any information you need, for example, your logo. 

You can also order stand table numbers or names of party tables made of wood in a similar way that can have custom engravings as well. 

Chalk table stands

Looking to add a more casual touch to your table top display? A tiny blackboard for anything you write on it with chalk is an amazing way to do it. It has a wooden base that can come in different colors as a cute and functional detail. 

Stainless steel table top display stands

To add a stylish accent to your restaurant, bar or a café you can consider getting table tents made of stainless steel with a wooden stand. They are easy to sanitize and look incredibly cool.

Acrylic table top display stands

Our most minimailist-minded and thoughtful customers will appreciate acrylic table top displays that don’t add visual clutter, are extremely practical to showcase the items of your menu and easy to care for. Plastic table tents can look classy if they are designed well. The base can be acrylic for a completely transparent design or made of wood that contrasts beautifully with the acrylic menu holder.

For a more chic and elevated look you can think about ordering those that are fitted with brass bolts. 

The menu printed on paper is easily slipped in and out between the clear plates and is protected from the regular use of sanitizer and from sudden splashes of food or drinks at your establishment. 

You can use acrylic menu holders for writing on them with a whiteboard marker instead of inserting a paper menu inside. It adds a friendly vibe to them. They are really easy to clean and the writing can be changed multiple times.

You can also order your logo or any other image or wording to be UV printed on the surface of the acryl.

QR code menus

In the age of informational technologies QR codes are used everywhere, even as a link to a website containing a menu. Looking modern and cool and at the same time not taking much space on the table, it’s a great solution for those who value technology. 

Reserved signs

Another great element on your tablescape and a cute accessory is a beautiful reserved sign that can come in different designs. We offer either the ones made of solid wood and engraved with a wording of your choice or the ones consisting of a wooden base and an acrylic plate. The UV printed wording on the acrylic plate can be designed specially for you.

Custom table tents

We are happy to meet all the needs of our customers and the size of table tents can be standard or custom depending on your preferences. Just keep in mind that if the objects are too small they can’t fit much information on them and can be lost among all other objects on the surface of the table, whereas too big objects may be inconvenient and take too much space. Table tent sizes should be proportionate to the interior of your place and the furniture in it.

As you can see, we are all about promoting long-term and timeless stylish solutions and we are happy to offer you our beautiful and functional products that are sure to up your tabletop game. 

Contact us to get more information, ask any questions about your order and find out about wholesale discounts we provide. Our delightful, caring  and efficient customer service will be happy to communicate with you promptly.