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38 products

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but what about a menu? What else can quickly show your customers what kind of establishment they have entered? Your characteristic style and attention to detail, your exquisite taste and care about your guests have to be traced in everything about your brand, even in a cover restaurant menu.  

We have been working in this field for a long time and we have enough knowledge and experience to help you choose the type of restuarant menu covers that will benefit you most. Our efficient and caring customer service will be happy to discuss with you any detail concerning your order, but here we’ll be happy to share with you a few tips on menu design.

How to design a menu covers for restaurants

So, how to make your cover restaurant menu visually attractive and highly informative? Let’s assume you have already created a list of your dishes and/or drinks and made it clear and cohesive and now it’s time to organize all the pages in the best way possible.

  • Concept and style

Consider the concept of your place. Is it an haute cuisine dining room, a brasserie, maybe a bistro or a steakhouse? You don’t suppose that the same menu covers for restaurants will suit a sushi bar and a French dessert bar, do you? Mexican restaurant menu covers have a different vibe than those dedicated for Scandi style cafés. So there is no doubt that choosing an appropriate color and material will make a huge difference.

  • Ideal Material

First, let’s talk about the right material. We work with only high quality materials for producing all our goods and we know which ones will suit you best. For example, wine menu covers will look amazing with cork. Traditionally cork has been used in wine making and the connoisseurs will appreciate seeing it and feeling its texture. Wood is a wonderful natural material for pubs, its casual and genuine look will stimulate fun and honest conversations. Leather is associated with luxury and will suit both a top-class and a casual chic restaurant.

  • The impact of the palette

What can catch more attention and be a real game-changer? Of course, the color. The palette we use is rich and sophisticated. You should consider the colors of your interior to make everything look harmonious and it is known that more subtle and complex colors are easier to combine. So you will definitely find a suitable color for your establishment among those we offer.

  • Size wisely

Size matters a lot when you talk about creating a restaurant menu design cover and you want all the items to be positioned proportionately. First, keeping in mind the composition of the pages, carefully guide the attention of your customers using the appropriate font size and leaving margins comfortable for the eye. Then, think what frame to choose for your masterpiece. For instance, for a cover 3 drink menu, you could opt for a smaller size, whereas heavier and bigger menus are perceived as having more importance.

Do you know what has the most importance for us? Our clients! We guarantee top long-lasting quality and a prompt delightful customer experience, contact us to make sure your menu covers will be a good investment into your future.