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78 products

Menu holders

What’s on the menu? How are you planning to present it?  What impression would you like to make on your customers? Answering these three questions will help you choose the right menu holders for your café, restaurant or hotel.

Menu holders for tables have gained popularity because of their functionality. First of all, getting them is a great idea if you need your menu refreshed often, even daily. Such sections of your menu as “Happy Hours”, “Daily Specials”, “Wine Pairing”, “Desserts” or “Breakfast Menu”, etc. may often change and need to catch the attention of the customers. To make them visible, they can be placed on or near the tables. You can hang them on the wall if they are equipped with a handle or a loop, position them vertically if they have a stand or lean them on a wall if they have a solid base. Moreover, you can easily place a QR menu sign on your menu table holder. QR menu signs have gained popularity recently because of the pandemic, so if you decide to use them in your establishment, it’s advisable to keep them visible. Your customers will be able to gain access to your online menu on their devices contactless by using their camera and pointing it at a menu stand holder with a QR code on it. 

Menu holders for menus that contain more than one page and have a solid base can also be placed vertically and save space on the tabletop. To stimulate the curiosity of the customers and to provide additional protection on both sides they can have a cover that can be decorated in correspondence with the design of your interior and your concept. 

Keeping this all in mind we have come up with a range of solutions for eye-catching restaurant menus holders that are sure to elevate the look of your establishment. All our restaurant accessories are custom-made. This allows us to meet the individual requirements of our clients and to minimize the amount of waste taking care of the environment. We are also experienced in designing and printing paper menus, so if you need our assistance in this, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

We are huge fans of natural materials, so we use ashwood and plywood in different stains and with different veneers. A wooden menu holder will last a really long time and it provides a great sturdy base for the pages of your menu. They can be held together by a wooden plank and bolts, a leather binding, a metal clip or a binder. An elastic band can also be used as a quick and easy attachment mechanism. A cover for the menus can be made of wood or leather, and both of them can have a custom engraving of a pattern all over or in any particular place. Leather can also be decorated with shiny metallic debossing or it can have a stitching. Loops for hanging menu holders can be made of leather or rope.   

Depending on what style of menu holders for restaurants you choose, the choice of materials will vary. White veneer wood will look light, dreamy and cute, whereas walnut stain will look more down-to-earth, warm and cozy. Thick Italian leather looks more polished and chic, on the other hand crazy horse leather has amazing texture and is more suitable for rustic and natural design styles. Clips and binders can be steel or golden. Mixing and matching all the components, and adjusting the sizes suitable for your needs, we will be happy to help you get the menu holders you are looking for. So contact us to discuss the details of your order and to get information about your wholesale discount.