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46 products

46 products

Are you still choosing between the most popular menu covers staples? We are persuaded that design matters and we are passionate to provide you the professional assistance you need.  

Let your menu covers tell the clients of your restaurant, café, bar, hotel, bistrot, tea parlor or a coffee shop about the essense of your brand at first glance. Design menu covers speak about your values and artistic taste in the same way as the interior of your establishment. Furthermore, they can be just as functional as aesthetically appealing, allowing you to save money in the long run by replacing just the content of your menu. We are focusing on delivering the exceptional quality and we craft with care and a lot of love. 

Your business will benefit from our original and highly usable menu covers no matter what type you choose. Let’s explore our wide range of products in this section, be it a budget-friendly and yet elegant solution, or a premium product that is truly dedicated to show class and status.  

Once you have firmly decided what effect on your clients you would like to achieve, you should decide on the material, because one can never agrue that choosing the right material is the key to ultimately getting the look that you have always wanted. 

Thick genuine Italian leather is used for luxury menu covers that look bold and sleek and feel delightfully firm and weighty, just what you need to make an impression on your visitors.

Looking for a more relaxed, casual and friendly style that is also sophisticated? Then check out a menu book cover made of crazy horse leather, and you will be amazed by how much character it has and how pleasant it is to touch.

Our leather comes in various beautiful colors and it can even have a pattern, so you will definitely find the kind specially for you.  

Real wood has an authentic and neat appearance that looks harmonious in modern interiors, we can also combine it with acryl, leather or metal of your liking. 

You can opt for a hard menu cover that will look smart and refined. 

Your wine-loving clients will highly appreciate cork menu covers. Cork is a wonderful natural material and used as a lining for leather it can provide additional firmness.

As you can see, the choise of materials is quite big, now let’s look at form-factors.

Single menu covers are a clever way to save some of your budget without compromising the quality and durability. No need to look for menu covers near me trying to save time and money and get upset about the poor quality, it is not sustainable and becomes much more expensive eventually when you buy new ones sooner than you planned. 

A book form is more classic, it can come with elastic band or steel rings a for quick and easy replacement of your daily menus or a leather lace and even a leather belt for a chic accent.

We produce both standard and non-standard products. A custom menu cover of any size that you order from us is intended to last long, it’s our philosophy. Contact us if you have any questions and to conseptualize the design you need and we can calculate the wholesale discount for your order.

We can place your logo on leather or wood by laser engraving, which is free of charge. If you prefer to have it debossed, it can be done on leather and it’s paid separately. Our experienced designers will be happy to collaborate with you to achieve a perfect result.