Leather Checkbooks

31 products

31 products

Bill holders made of genuine leather are stylish and functional accessories for a restaurant, café, hotel or other business. Such accessories highlight your respect to detail and suit well a wide range of interior designs. Moreover, leather is a natural material and looks authentic and trendy.

Any kind of restaurant bill holders we offer is designed well to hold the contents and crafted with soul, which means that they will serve you for a very long time and are a good investment into the future of your establishment.

We produce all our restaurant accessories customly, which means that you will get your unique bill holders that will suit your needs perfectly and take care of the environment making sure that there’s no overproduction and minimum waste.

Types of leather we use for bill holders

  • Thick Italian leather

Looking classy and durable, this kind of leather is an amazing option for a material for bill holders. Its smooth surface and rich even colors suit both classical and modern interiors.

  • Crazy horse leather

This kind of leather has a more casual and cool look with character. The choice of colors is wider and all the accessories made of it get a charming and unique look overtime because the surface is prone to acquiring naturally occurring imperfections that only improve the overall perception of the material.

Design types of bill holders for restaurants

  • Check presenter with magnets

This type of a magnetic bill holder looks like a book with two plywood frames inside and a magnet as an easy open and close mechanism that ensures that all the contents are stored in securely.

  • Leather check presenter with pen loop

It’s a good idea for a leather bill holder to look organised. For this we have added a pen loop and a pocket inside a check presenter that opens like a book.

  • Check presenter with button stud

Looking like a purse, this variation of dollar bill holders is equipped with a plywood plank and a leather ribbon to hold bills, checks and receipts, and a button stud for a secure closure.

  • Check presenter with button stud and pocket

This kind of leather guest check presenters is designed to look like a purse and is equipped with a button stud to hold in the contents well.

  • Italian leather check presenter with pattern

Your dollar bill holders can be decorated with a custom pattern of the leather according to your design preferences.

Any kind of leather can have a personalised engraving or debossing of your logo, contact us to discuss its size and placement, customise the type of the check presenters and calculate your wholesale discount.