We love what we do. We love custom orders!

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Of course, you have a clear vision about every element in your cafe or restaurant to creating a unique atmosphere. That is exactly why custom orders are an essential part of our business. We are here to bring your creative ideas to life.

  We have extensive experience working with various materials and have a quality selection of wood branding and leathercraft equipment.

  First off, the size of any item available at our store can be customized. In other words, you can choose one of the standard sizes or contact us to calculate the cost of the order in custom sizes.  

  Each of the listing pages offers swatch images that include colors and material types available for specific items. Besides, feel free to contact us with different color references, and we will able to pick up the needed color.

  We can add your brand logo or implement a design idea on any selected item. There can be logo debossing or laser engraving.

As for laser engraving, сan be done on leather and wood.

engraving on leather covermenu covers with engraving
   Debossing can be performed on leather and design cardboard.
debossing on leather cover
embossing on leather cover

You can choose a 'blind' debossing method or debossing with gloss or matte foil available in various colors like gold, silver, copper, rose gold, etc. This method requires additional payment for the custom magnesium dies with a personalized design. Naturally, it is a one-time payment because the custom dies can be used multiple times.

  Having experience in cooperation with designers and creative owners, we are able to give life to design visualizations and sketches. To implement your idea, you can also describe it or send us some references.

 Feel free to contact us about: 

  • Customization options (size, color, design of restaurant accessories, etc.)
  • Calculating your wholesale discount price
  • Sending your logo file and receiving a sketch for approval
  • Naturally, you can contact us regarding any other questions!

 To make our conversation productive and efficient, please include the following points in your emails:

  • Link to the item(s) you are interested in
  • Indicate paper menu size you would like to use
  • Indicate the quantity you need
  • Provide the logo in any of the following formats: .eps, .ai, .psd, .pdf or high resolution .jpg or .png

Let's make your order unique together!